The Classic Dragon enthusiast community

This site is dedicated to original wooden Dragon class keelboats. Designed in 1929 and becoming an Olympic class in 1948, the Dragon was exclusively made by carvel wood construction thru 1972. Fiberglass and other construction methods were introduced in 1973 after the Dragon had been dropped as an Olympic class. Wooden Dragons of this era are referred to as "Classic Dragons".

Our mission is simply to raise awareness of the Classic Dragon and become the online go-to resource for all information regarding them. If you own, race, are restoring, or simply interested in beautiful Classic Dragons, then we invite you to check out our site and refer other classic Dragon owners you may know. Perhaps you have never heard of a Dragon before, in which case we hope you are drawn in by their allure and sheer beauty as we have!


Please note that we are not an official organization as we have no paid membership or charter. We exist only as an enthusiast community of people who share a common passion. As such, we invite you to join one of the many official Dragon associations around the world depending on your region. For more information, please visit the International Dragon Association.

A list of all the regional associations may be found here.